I Did it! How I Maximized My Blog's Reach by Cross-Posting. A Step-by-Step Guide

I Did it! How I Maximized My Blog's Reach by Cross-Posting. A Step-by-Step Guide

Tips and Tricks for Effortlessly Sharing Your Content on Multiple Platforms


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I recently began my adventure as a new blogger on Hashnode with a passion for sharing my technical views and thoughts with the world. But I quickly saw that I needed to look at other platforms as well in order to really increase the visibility of my blog and attract more readers. I later learned the value of cross-posting at that point. I was able to expand the audience for my blog and distribute it over the internet by posting my content on various websites. This article will outline the steps I took to successfully cross-post from Hashnode to Dev.to and explain how it helped me reach my objective of increasing blog readership.

I will try other platforms as well for the cross-posting and I will review those in a future blog post.

What is dev.to

The online social media community and platform dev.to, which stands for "Developer Community," was created especially for programmers and other tech-related hobbyists. It provides a variety of tools, including blogging, forums, job postings, and events, all aimed at building a sense of connection and community among developers around the world. The platform promotes the exchange of ideas and best practices by encouraging users to share their expertise, experiences, and insights with others. Additionally, it gives developers a place to showcase their most recent works and get input from their colleagues, which helps them evolve professionally and strengthen their talents.

What is Hashnode

A contemporary blogging platform called Hashnode makes it simple for users to produce, publish, and share their material with a large audience. It is intended to simplify, streamline, and customize the blogging process, freeing users to concentrate on the blog's content rather than its technical setup and upkeep. Hashnode is a one-stop shop for bloggers trying to expand their online presence because it also provides a variety of services like analytics, comments, and SEO optimization tools. Users can quickly build a blog with a professional appearance, write and publish posts, and share their material on several channels all from one location using Hashnode. Overall, Hashnode is an easy-to-use, adaptable, and feature-rich platform.

What is Cross-Posting

The act of uploading the same content on various platforms or websites is known as cross-posting. This can be done to boost visibility and interaction, reach a larger audience, or just save time by avoiding having to write fresh material for every platform.

Setting up Cross-Posting

  1. We need to create an account first in Hashnode

  2. Then create an account in dev.to

  3. Open the settings and select the Extensions tab

  4. You'll discover Publishing to DEV Community from RSS under the Extensions tab. Simply paste the RSS feed URL from your Hashnode into the RSS Feed URL field.

  5. To get your RSS feed URL, go to your Hashnode dashboard and click on RSS.xml

  6. A new tab will be opened and you will find your RSS feed URL from the address bar.

  7. After pasting it into the RSS Feed URL field, click "Save Feed Settings".

  8. Then click on "Fetch feed now" and your Hashnode articles will eventually show up as drafts in the dev.to dashboard.

  9. You will find the article as a Draft in the dashboard and edit it before publishing it.

  10. You might want to add a cover image that will be automatically dragged from Hashnode to dev website. At least, I have faced this issue.

  11. So, Upload the image and copy only the part starting from https

  12. Add "cover_image" below tags and paste the link.

  13. The default value of "published" will be "false" as it is a draft copy. So make it "true"

  14. Then click "Save Changes" at the bottom and it will be published instantly.


In conclusion, cross-posting is an effective strategy for bloggers who want to broaden their audience and boost interaction. Blogging professionals can reach new audiences, increase their exposure, and increase traffic to their blogs by distributing their material across a variety of platforms. Popular platforms like Hashnode and Dev.to provide simple cross-posting tools that make it easy for bloggers to distribute their work on several websites. Bloggers can cross-post with confidence by following the instructions in this tutorial, knowing that they are doing everything possible to increase their audience and develop their online presence.

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