Sha Md Nayeem



Meet Sha Md Nayeem, a dynamic DevOps Engineer with over three years of experience in the cloud computing and DevOps field, especially in GCP and AWS. With a passion for continuous learning and an eagerness to implement new ideas, Sha Md brings a fresh perspective to any project. As an AWS Certified Developer Associate and Solution Architect Associate, as well as a Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate, he possesses the technical skills and knowledge needed to design and execute ground-breaking solutions. Quick and adaptable, Sha Md is poised to take on any challenge and deliver results with ease.

Field of Interest: DevOps Engineer, Solution Architect, Cloud Engineer, Software Engineer, Cloud Specialist

Technical Specialization:

  • Cloud Computing: GCP, AWS
  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • Terraform, CI/CD
  • Python, Bash
  • FluxCD, Helm
  • Security: Mozilla SOPS
  • Linux/Unix
  • Grafana, Prometheus
  • Cloud SQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL
  • Github, Gitlab
  • Consultant
  • Robotic Process Automation (UiPath, Automation Anywhere)


Cloud DevOps Engineer

Liana Technologies (Jun 2022 – Present)

  • Creating, and monitoring infrastructure in Google Cloud Platform with Terraform.
  • Creating, and maintaining automated CI/CD pipelines to release applications in GCP.
  • Managing the deployment and continuous delivery of Kubernetes applications using FluxCD and Helm.
  • Collaborating with the software development team to design and meet the infrastructure's demand.
  • Monitoring metrics and logs with Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Improving system performance and stability by proactive maintenance and in-depth research to identify the root causes of system errors.
  • Executed successful migrations of on-premises database to Cloud SQL.

Public Cloud Software Developer

Tietoevry (Nov 2021 – May 2022)

  • Worked with the client's development team to create, monitor, and maintain their infrastructure in the AWS platform.
  • Collaborated with the development team to define infrastructure requirements.

Software developer and Consultant

CGI (Dec 2019 – Sep 2021)

  • Designed and developed robotic process automation during the project development stage.
  • Ensured effective communication and collaboration between the client's development teams and business teams.
  • Conducted overall testing of RPA software solutions in collaboration with the client's business team.
  • Completed proper documentation including Software Design Documents (SDD), Operational Handbooks, and other technical documents.
  • Monitored and maintained software in production.

Frontend Web Developer

HICCSGLOBAL (Mar 2019 – May 2019)

  • Developing websites based on user-required design.
  • Maintaining cleanliness while writing code with proper comments.
  • Building reasonable and reusable code for future purposes.
  • Assuring validation of user input before submission.

Electrical and Automation Engineer

Abul Khair Group (Oct 2015 – Sep 2018)

  • Software Automation (PLC).
  • Data analysis (fault & breakdown).
  • Leading, monitoring, and scrutinizing the work of the team members.


University of Eastern Finland

International Master's Degree Programme in Information Technology, Computer Science 2018 – 2020 Orientation: Software Engineering

Licenses & certifications

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

  • Issued Apr 2022 – Expires Apr 2025

AWS Certified Developer Associate

  • Issued Jan 2022 – Expires Jan 2025
  • Credential ID XPRM06SBP2E1QJ5W

HashiCorp Certified Terraform Accociate

  • Issued Jan 2022 – Expires Jan 2024

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

  • Issued May 2021 – Expires May 2024
  • Credential ID 71G4NJJL2214QVSH



  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • GitOps
  • DevOps
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • GitHub
  • FluxCD
  • Helm Charts
  • PostgreSQL
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus